Celebrating over a Century of Service & Quality

Deep Roots in Westchester (The First Generation)

Arthur Lange, Inc., is built upon a four-generation passion for service and quality. The company’s American roots begin in 1910, when Nicholas Lange arrived from Stuttgart, Germany. He brought with him knowledge from the painting and decorating business his family maintained since the mid-1860s. It was natural for Nicholas, after settling in the Cross County section of Yonkers, to establish a small painting firm specializing in servicing private homes. The business thrived until the Great Depression. During those bleak years, Nicholas passed away and his son, Arthur I (Arthur N. Lange), took over the family business.

“At one point,” recounts his son Arthur II (Arthur E. Lange), “my father had to walk five miles to work every day with his paints in a hand-pulled wooden wagon because there was no money to put gas in the truck.”

But the Depression didn’t last forever.

Part of the County’s History (The Second Generation)

Arthur I (Arthur N. Lange), a natural businessman who was honest and capable, built the business and expanded into commercial painting. The company painted area landmarks including Sing Sing Prison, Roosevelt High School and the city halls of Yonkers and Mount Vernon.

By the late 1950s, Arthur I’s reputation as an insightful and upright businessman was so strong that the National Bank of North America offered him a position as an executive loan officer. He was honored at the offer — and so confident in the ability of Arthur II (Arthur E. Lange) to take over the family business — that he accepted and began a new career.

A Father’s Lessons: Service, Service, Service; Quality, Quality, Quality (The Third Generation)

Arthur II started working with his father at 16 and continued through high school and college. He became president of the company in 1962 and decided to concentrate on residential work, building a strong reputation in the Bronxville area.

“Then, as now, most of our business came from referrals, so satisfying clients was key,” says Arthur II. Later, he began to expand the company’s services to include carpentry. That move proved fateful as the great home renovation, expansion and construction boom of the 1980s took off. Within a few years the company grew into a full-service construction firm.

Arthur II’s management principles supported the company’s success: 1) hire talented, experienced people and treat them well so they are motivated to do their best work; and 2) provide outstanding customer service. Arthur Lange, Inc. soon began to be known as a residential firm with integrity and quality craftsmanship.

24×7 Service for the 21st Century (The Fourth Generation)

During the busy days of the ’80s, Arthur II’s son, Arthur C. Lange (who is Arthur III but is known as Artie), began working for his father. He tried house painting, but preferred carpentry. Learning from his father’s craftsmen, Artie’s skills grew. After graduating from Lynchburg (Va.) College in 1988 with a marketing degree, Artie went to work full-time in the family business. He drew upon the tradition of service and quality he absorbed at his father’s side and added new approaches.

24×7 Service for the 21st Century (The Fifth Generation)

Arthur Edward II (“AJ”) Lange is eighteen years old and is currently working and shadowing his father to learn the business. He is eager to acquire the skills and abilities that his father possess, and is hoping to be the next generation of the company to continue a tradition of service, quality, and Arthur’s.