Planning for your project gives you peace-of-mind

Though no two projects are alike, you can take certain common steps to help prepare the way for a smooth and timely job.

Generate Ideas

  • Visit showrooms, speak with home supply retailers, cut photos and articles from magazines.
  • Rely on your contractor, architect or other professionals for planning ideas based on their experiences.

Assessing Project Timing

  • Don’t necessarily hold off until it’s warm. You may be surprised at the kinds of projects that can move forward without inconveniencing you even during colder seasons.
  • Remember that projects often take longer than planned. If you want a job completed in June, there’s nothing wrong with calling in September to get everything started.

And Always Bear in Mind . . .

Careful planning helps ensure projects go smoothly, but no amount of planning can prepare for every eventuality, especially in older homes. The most important step you can take to ensure your job goes smoothly is to engage a reliable, experienced contractor to whom you can entrust the details.